Arctic Rally

The ultimate ice driving experience

Arctic Rally Experience

The home of the Arctic Rally Experience is situated in the town of Jokkmokk, an area of exceptional beauty and culture. The Arctic climate provides perfect conditions for you and your guests to enjoy Sweden’s most exclusive Arctic Rally Experience. Not only will you drive our rally cars and classic American V8’s through snow and ice covered tracks, we will also provide an abundance of traditional activities.

Snowmobile Safari

Art Arctic Cat Machines that allow you to see the true beauty of the mountains and forests.



Make the Arctic Experience truly authentic with this incredible trip out with the dogs.


The lake just outside the hotel is transformed into an incredible Ice Karting circuit.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, is a fantastic, awe-inspiring lightshow caused by natural occurrences.

About us

Located in the heart of the Swedish Lapland, Jokkmokk is home to the Sami People and is a popular destination for viewing the Northern Lights. The Arctic Rally Experience provides fully prepared rally cars fitted with studded tyres to take on the challenges of our ice tracks over frozen lakes. In addition to our rally challenges there will be trekking through the snow covered forests on Arctic Cat Snowmobiles, dog sleds pulled by Siberian Huskies and the opportunity to drive four wheeled Jeeps through snow covered forest tracks.

The Arctic Rally Experience is an ideal opportunity for drivers of all abilities to experience the leading ice driving challenge. The seamless delivery, expert instructors, breath-taking scenery and luxury accommodation provide an unforgettable Arctic Rally Experience.

The Arctic Rally Experience is partnered with The Stig Blomqvist Driving Academy to bring you an unforgettable experience. Stig Blomqvist won the British Rally Championships in 1983, the World Rally Championships in 1984 and winning the Swedish Rally Championships several times.

Stig then went on to take the title of ‘Champion of Championships’ in 1989 and 1990. The Arctic Rally Experience not only provides you with ice rally challenges but also the chance to meet the real Stig.

What better way is there to step out of your comfort zone than joining us in the Arctic Circle for a driving experience of a lifetime. The Artic Rally Experience is set within snow covered trees and frozen lakes in the wilds of the Swedish Lapland. This breath taking opportunity, under the guidance of professional driving instructors on challenging courses, will provide an adrenaline rush of excitement.

The experience of driving an American V8 rally car through this winter wonderland guarantees a thrill of a lifetime. Join our team of expert instructors who will provide a wealth of experience guiding you through our Artic Challenge.

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